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The Artist Carol Lee

Carol Lee makes a strong personal statement that bears great potential of being felt within the heart and soul of the viewer.
Her more recent works of art are certainly no exception.

paintings expresses the meaning of the words genuine original!

The Artist Carol Lee
can be defined as the full time creator of her art piece from beginning to end.

Carol says:

"I have always been drawn to paint mystical and abstract art works, whereas I paint my mental vision
that the viewer can capture through their minds eye and perceive my creation as I do.

"In my past few years of painting I find myself approaching my art even more visually through my intuitive channel than I ever have before."  

"My latest paintings are truly a divine mix of spiritual feelings that works alongside the material level to create an interesting blend of original artwork and harmonious textures to be seen on canvas.

Throughout my art career I have developed many different approaches to original art via determined experimentation that translates into my latest signature original pieces of art now. All of my early conceptual creative paintings would create a very interesting and artistic art exhibit."


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*Have you always wanted a professional original oil painting of a favorite family member
or a special someone
Email Carol Lee
a good quality photograph to insure the outcome of a fine quality oil portrait.


Carol Lee can also add a background color to the oil portrait that blends well with your decor or to your liking. You may consider providing the artist with one two or three different photographs of a special someone that you wish to have hand-painted, such as a profile view, half view, and full view. 

Carol Lee
can combine each view  in one highly unique oil portrait or Custom family portrait. You may have photographs of 2 or 3 favorite people that can be united together in the final finished oil painting.  Black and white photographs can also be hand-painted in color. E-mail Carol Lee the information (such as color of eyes, hair, etc) and she will add the specified color details into your new oil painting.

  • Custom Oil Portraits head & shoulders, or full length.
  • Canvases are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 16"x 20" up.
  • Allow 4 to 8 weeks for the artist to complete the oil painting.

Carol Lee will review your photograph selections and size of the canvas of your selection before a specific price quote shall be determined.

*Make a special request from the artist Carol Lee for custom oil paintings:

Email The Artist Carol Lee:

T H E A R T I S T C A R O L E E . C O M

T H E A R T I S T C A R O L E E . C O M



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